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#76 Online Translating

22 November 2008

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Schneau, 23 November 2008

Google Translator I discovered recently that Google has a translator. So, I had fun! I took the text from the first 3 frames, and translated it between a whole bunch of different languages and then back to English. The last 3 frames are the result! You can see how small flaws snowball into larger ones, until the original text is undetectable!

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Taknamay, 23 November 2008

Wow. I need to translate something, like, now.

BestGuest (Guest), 27 November 2008

I did something like that once. But the text was profane and had to do with the making of babies.

Drealien (Guest), 11 April 2009

My husband and I have been tempted to do that to the whole Bible... just to see what would result.

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