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#92 Can I Take Your Order?

29 December 2008

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Schneau, 28 December 2008

Song Tournament Hi french fries and ketchup bottles! There are two thing about me that affect what I'm about to tell you: I like music and I like to keep things organized and in order. Because of these qualities, I had the idea to have a song tournament where I pit my favorite songs against each other in a single elimination tournament! I downloaded some nice free software called Tournament Maker ( http://www.download.com/ALJ-Tournament-Maker/3000-2121_4-10620462.html?tag=mncol ) and entered in 226 of my favorite songs. I've been listening to the pairings and then deciding who wins by which song I like better! I'm almost done with the first round, and I'll let you know when its getting down to the final rounds. If you want to set up a tournament of any sort, I'd recommend Tournament Maker, as its free and easy to use.

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Crystalbear, 30 December 2008

Oh neat. Is the waiter going to be part of the cast?

Schneau, 31 December 2008

I haven't decided yet whether the waiter (or waitress, I haven't decided yet) will be a major character or minor character, but will definitely show up again!

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