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#123 Very Fortunate

11 March 2009

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The News:

Schneau, 11 March 2009

Fortune Cookie Poster Hi ravens and rivulets! First of all, I assure you that all fortunes appearing in today's comic are real fortunes! Second of all, this comic is a TRUE STORY! I collected about a billion (in reality about 418) fortunes and put them on a huge poster! You can see a picture of the finished poster here: http://unicellular.smackjeeves.com/fortune/

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Fiona (Guest), 11 March 2009

Aw, freshman year. Those were the days. I remember the final fortune posting party. So. much. fun.

Sarah (Guest), 11 March 2009

Dude. That is awesome. And hilarious!

BestGuest (Guest), 12 March 2009

They seem to get progressively more blue as you look downward. was there a different restaurant in your life?

BestGuest (Guest), 12 March 2009

Ha ha, "Your mother will suffer a fatal heart attack."

Schneau, 16 March 2009

Red -> Blue Very observant, BestGuest. I went to college, where the fortunes are all blue from the dining hall fortune cookies.

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