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#131 mKarla and the Secret Mission

29 March 2009

Average Rating: 3.00
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The News:

Schneau, 27 March 2009

Guest Comics Week, Day 2 Hi canal diggers and barge-pulling donkeys! This guest comic is by Scott Salsman of Lappy and Don's Office Adventures ( http://lappyanddon.smackjeeves.com/ ), a photocomic on Smack Jeeves, where you might know Scott as josta59. Unfortunately, Lappy and Don ended about a month ago, but the archives are ripe with humor! It gets my vote for best comic featuring an anthropomorphic laptop.

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josta59, 31 March 2009

Thanks, Schneau! Hopefully, with enough support, I'll beat out that - that other one.

josta59, 31 March 2016

Hey You still around, Schneau? I just saw me talking about this guest comic on Facebook all those years ago and wondered how you're doing.

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