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#135 Divide and Conceive

4 April 2009

Average Rating: 3.00
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The News:

Schneau, 4 April 2009

Guest Comics Week, Day 6 Hi windows and doorways! Today marks the conclusion of a wonderful guest week. The guest artist today was there at the conception of Unicellular, when I had the inspiration and decided to go for it. Even before then, she was the one who inspired me to start reading webcomics in the first place, starting with Thinkin' Lincoln and spreading from there. If it weren't for today's artist, I know Unicellular wouldn't exist. I'd like to thank Sarah Leonard, for this strip, for inspiring me to make webcomics, and for being a good friend. Now everyone make your "awwww" noises.

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Sarah (Guest), 5 April 2009

Yayyyyy. I am so glad I helped start this! It makes me very happy to have helped with something so awesome, and to have such a friend as awesome as you, Tom!


Annemarie (Guest), 5 April 2009

Awwwwwww. :) Great comic(s), Tom & Sarah!

Inventive-Guy, 6 April 2009

Awesome! Love it! Awesome! Simple stuff, but awesome! I read it for it's awesomeness! plus it's hillarious! XD

I found this on the front page of SJ. Awesome? DEFINATELY!

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