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#138 The Place To Be (Indie)

11 April 2009

Average Rating: 3.00
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The News:

Schneau, 9 April 2009

New RSS Feed!!! Hi Toronto Raptors and Seattle Mariners. Today I have exciting news for those of you who subscribe to RSS feeds! I HAVE GOTTEN A NEW ONE! My old default SmackJeeves RSS feed only notified you when a new comic was posted. The new feed includes pretty images, an image of the comic (including alt text), AND the news for the day! SO EXCITING!!! If you want to use the new feed, get it here: http://www.rsspect.com/rss/unicellular.xml .

The old RSS feed will still work, but won't be nearly as awesome as the new feed. 24 in 29 dentists recommend the switch to the new feed!

ALSO: Unicellular is now the 5th hit on Google when you search for "unicellular"! Hopefully soon it will be #1!

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Inventive-Guy, 13 April 2009

Hmm...I dont seem to get the joke in this one. Neat graph-ex as allways though.

bloom22, 14 April 2009

HA! Good pun! Chicago is one of my favorite cities in the world, so this one is doubly funny to me.

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