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#152 The Jerk Who Prevented My Marriage

13 May 2009

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The News:

Schneau, 19 May 2009

Wolfram Alpha Hi tunnel digging experts and billiards enthusiasts! Yesterday I discovered something amazing. Something incredible. And since you're reading this, you're probably a nerd and may have heard of it as well! A few days ago Wolfram Alpha ( http://www94.wolframalpha.com/ ) was released. It is like Wikipedia except totally different yet totally awesome. It can compute almost anything! Try it out. Here are a few example queries:

- Distance from Mars to Earth on August 19, 2002.
- 10000 days after 4/6/1967

It is really cool! You can use it to find out stuff like your 10,000th day alive!

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Kyla (Guest), 19 May 2009

Oh dear God. I remember that song, too. We had to line dance to it in gym class in high school. I think I still remember the line dance. Never could really make out the lyrics though. So this is quite helpful, in its own bizarre way.

Sarah (Guest), 21 May 2009

I do pity you! Oooooh do I pity you. I used to love that song when I was about 10...

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