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#157 Class Schedule

25 May 2009

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Schneau, 7 June 2009

New Tablet Hi tree climbers and washboard scrubbers. I recently got a new tablet, so I've been drawing on it quite a bit, just sketches and the like. I decided that SmackJeeves would be a nice place to display the sketches, so I invite you to go see them! I named the site Jubilation Inducing Waffles, after all the waffles that have induced jubilation in my heart. The site needs major repairs, but the sketches still look good! http://jubilationinducingwaffles.smackjeeves.com/

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Sarah (Guest), 7 June 2009

Aw, I miss signing up for classes...

bloom22, 18 June 2009

They don't think much of Philosophers of the 5th 11th and 17th century at that school do they? That class is hella short!

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