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#161 The Cupcake

1 June 2009

Average Rating: 2.20
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The News:

Schneau, 15 June 2009

Many News! Many News! Hi walruses and cannibalistic raisins! Today I have lots of exciting news for you!

First off, today marks the start of the Third Triannual Unicellular Transcription Contest! See that button above most comics that reads "Transcribe This Comic"? It is beckoning to you! Over the next week, whoever transcribes the most comics for Unicellular will win a prize! And this time, the prize is better than ever! I will be awarding the winner 10 signed sketches of Unicellular comics! I've been saving up sketches for this event, so I'm doubling the prize from previous contests! Exciting! Just make sure you put your email address on transcriptions, so I can contact you if you transcribe the most comics!

Secondly, I recently was gifted a tablet, and have been drawing fun pictures on it. I finished my first serious drawing yesterday, so you should check it out! It's called Flashy The Lizard King, and can be seen here: http://bit.ly/ZKsz5

Finally, I want to thank a few cupcakes that inspired the details of today's comic: http://bit.ly/Wp8fn | http://bit.ly/cV3Iq | http://bit.ly/11CDo5 | http://bit.ly/lzt3u

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Schneau, 15 June 2009

PS I forgot to mention, the comic will say it's from May 2, but this contest begins on Tuesday June 16 and ends Tuesday June 23. Yay!


Sarah (Guest), 16 June 2009



bloom22, 18 June 2009

I want that one!

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