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#174 The Fragility of Life

5 July 2009

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Schneau, 4 August 2009

Tales of Monkey Island Jolly good day to you fine chaps and coarse chaps! Ever since I first layed eyes on The Curse of Monkey Island when I was 11, I have been in love with the Monkey Island series. I’ve played the first two DOS games on a DOS-BOX, bought Escape from Monkey Island when it came out, and downloaded both soundtracks and fan music of the games. So, you can imagine I was delighted to hear that Tell-Tale games was coming out with Tales of Monkey Island! It is being released as a series, with the first of 5 episodes out now. I bought and downloaded the first episode, Launch of the Screaming Narwhal, as soon as possible, and played through it on my leisure over a week or two. It was great! Good voicing, good jokes, nice graphics, and fun story! My only complaint is that the controls are a bit weird, but at least better than in Escape from Monkey Island.

Relatedly, I have recently discovered the Monkey Island Wiki, which is a great resource for all you MI fans out there! http://www.miwiki.net/Main_Page

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