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Music Tournament

In December 2008 I was wondering what my favorite song was. I have always said it was "With You" by Linkin Park, but was that really still true? To answer this question, as well as the question of an ordering of my next few favorite songs, I decided to hold a Music Tournament (see my post here). I downloaded a free bracket tournament program called ALJ Tournament Maker and entered my 226 favorite songs. As I wanted to be as scientific as possible, I listened to ever matchup of two songs, meaning (MATH PEOPLE: this is for you) that I listened to 225 matches which is 450 songs). After listening to each match, I picked which of the songs I liked better and sent them on to the next round.

After finishing the tournament, here is my top 16:

  • 1. POD - "Mistakes and Glories"
  • 2. Finch - "What It Is to Burn"
  • 3. Chevelle - "The Clincher"
  • 3. Relient K - "High of 75"
  • 5. System of a Down - "Revenga"
  • 5. Brand New - "The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows"
  • 5. Switchfoot - "I Dare You To Move"
  • 5. Hellogoodbye - "Here In Your Arms"
  • 9. lostprophets - "Hello Again"
  • 9. Weird Al Yankovic- "Hardware Store"
  • 9. Franz Ferdinand - "Do You Want To"
  • 9. The B-52's - "Love Shack"
  • 9. Falling Up - "Hotel Aquarium"
  • 9. All-American Rejects - "Top of the World"
  • 9. Revis - "Caught in the Rain"
  • 9. POD - "The Messenjah"

If you're interested, here is the final bracket:

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